Mission Statement

Our mission is to make quality research easily accessible to the world by providing a smooth and efficient platform for authors to publish their work. In today's publishing landscape, it's becoming increasingly difficult for researchers, particularly new ones, to get their articles published in respected journals. They often face obstacles such as high processing charges for open access publications, complex submission and formatting guidelines, and delays in publication due to backlogs or long review processes.

To address these issues, we've implemented several measures to help authors get their work published quickly and easily:

  1. We've minimized processing charges and offer generous discounts and fee waivers. This commitment to affordability will remain even as our journals grow in popularity.

  2. Our team takes care of formatting and other publication requirements, allowing authors to focus on their research. We expect authors to follow our journals' Publication Ethics and Malpractice Policies, but otherwise we keep formatting requirements to a minimum.

  3. Our continuous periodicity means that there's no need to wait for specific publication dates. The only delay between submission and publication is the time spent on peer review and revision.

We are committed to making publishing accessible to all researchers, regardless of their experience level or budget, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and ethical practices in scholarly publishing.