Optimizing Spinach Growth through Foliar Application of Plant Growth Regulators


  • Prof. Zainab Aslam Department of Economics, Lahore School of Economics, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Dr. Bilal Ahmed Department of Political Science, International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), Pakistan
  • Prof. Sadia Hafeez Department of Development Studies, COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan


Spinach, Foliar, PGRs, Growth, Biomass, Auxins


This study explores the field of spinach farming with the goal of optimizing development by applying plant growth regulators selectively topically. The study looks into how different treatments, such as tap water, 1% urea, 1% potash, 1% auxins, and 1% gibberellins, affect Spinacia oleracea's growth metrics. A meticulously planned study was carried out in a controlled environment to evaluate the individual and combined effects of these treatments on spinach plants. The findings show that 1% urea, 1% potash, and 1% auxins applied topically greatly improve the growth of spinach, leading to higher plant heights, larger leaf areas, and higher biomass overall. Furthermore, there is a noticeable improvement in plant architecture and promotion of stem elongation when 1% gibberellins are applied. The investigation assesses the possible synergies among these regulators of plant growth, providing insights into the best combinations to optimize the productivity of spinach. The results of this study provide insightful information about effective and sustainable spinach farming techniques, along with useful advice for producers looking to increase crop yield and quality. Plant growth regulators applied topically show promise as a means of promoting spinach growth and serve as a basis for future research and application in agricultural environments.




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Prof. Zainab Aslam, Dr. Bilal Ahmed, & Prof. Sadia Hafeez. (2023). Optimizing Spinach Growth through Foliar Application of Plant Growth Regulators. Indus Journal of Social Sciences, 1(02), 39–42. Retrieved from https://induspublishers.com/IJSS/article/view/83