Exploration of Diverse Effects of Tryptamine Concentrations on Maize Growth


  • Karen C. Garma


This study investigates the effects of Tryptamine concentrations, ranging from 10-1 to 10-5 ppm, on various growth parameters in maize plants. A control group was used as a baseline for measuring root length (RL), shoot length (SL), root dry weight (RDW), root fresh weight (RFW), shoot fresh weight (SDW), shoot dry weight (SFW), chlorophyll a (Cha), and chlorophyll b (Chb). Tryptamine concentrations at 10-1 and 10-2 ppm demonstrated substantial enhancements in root and shoot growth, biomass accumulation, and chlorophyll content. However, as concentrations decreased from 10-3 to 10-5 ppm, the effects diminished, indicating a concentration-dependent response. This research provides valuable insights into the optimal range of Tryptamine concentrations for promoting maize growth and highlights its potential applications in agriculture for enhanced crop productivity.