Archiving Policy

The Archiving Policy for the Indus Journal of Medical and Health Sciences (IJMH) is as follows:

  • All articles published in the IJMH will be archived in the PubMed Central (PMC) repository.
  • The PMC repository is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journals. It is funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • Articles are archived in PMC shortly after they are published in the IJMH.
  • Articles in PMC are citable and indexed in major bibliographic databases, such as MEDLINE and PubMed.
  • The IJMH also has a policy of archiving all its editorial correspondence and other administrative records. These records are archived in the IJMH's office.

The archiving policy of the IJMH is designed to ensure that the journal's content is preserved and accessible to the public for future generations. By archiving its articles in PMC, the IJMH is making them available to researchers, clinicians, and other interested parties around the world.

In addition to the archiving policy, the IJMH also has a data sharing policy. This policy requires authors to share the data underlying their research articles with other researchers upon request. The data sharing policy is designed to promote the transparency and reproducibility of research published in the IJMH.

The archiving and data sharing policies of the IJMH are important steps in ensuring the quality and integrity of the journal's content. By making its articles and data available to the public, the IJMH is contributing to the advancement of medical and health sciences research.

Here are some of the benefits of archiving the IJMH's content:

  • It ensures that the journal's content is preserved for future generations.
  • It makes the journal's content accessible to researchers and clinicians around the world.
  • It helps to promote the transparency and reproducibility of research published in the journal.
  • It can help to improve the quality of research published in the journal.

The IJMH is committed to archiving its content and making it available to the public. The archiving policy is an important part of this commitment.