Benefits of Publishing with us

Over the years, we have learned to turn our weaknesses into our greatest strengths. Being a small publisher enables us to serve the authors to the best of our capacity. Here’s what we offer.

  • Lower publication costs.
    Running fewer journals and processing fewer submissions means that we need fewer resources; this allows us to significantly reduce the publication cost compared to other publishers.
  • Gold Open Access
    We believe in providing recognition to all researchers and their work. The best way to do this is to make their work publicly available. All our journals publish articles with Gold Open Access; authors retain the copyright, and anyone with an internet connection can access the full text.
  • Peer-Review
    All articles are peer-reviewed before acceptance. Processing fewer papers means that the editors and reviewers can thoroughly evaluate all articles and help the authors improve their work. We try to publish articles in the best form possible.
  • Post-publication support
    Every publication is considered essential for developing journals. A publication not only helps the authors but also helps us reach out to more people. Our marketing team can get in touch with authors individually to discuss how they can maximize the visibility of their papers. A newsletter and social media will be used for the promotion of all articles.
  • Continuous Publication, No waiting time
    Articles are not scheduled for publication; they are published as soon as accepted. We understand that authors want their ideas to reach their audience while they are still relevant. Since we get only a few submissions, there’s no publication queue, and articles are processed as soon as they are received.
  • International Popularity
    During the appointment of editors and reviewers, special attention is given to the team’s diversity. This diversity has led to the international popularity of all our titles. Therefore, our publications have a global readership.