Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal policy for the Indus Journal of Social Sciences:

  • Withdrawal Deadline: Authors can withdraw their manuscripts from the Indus Journal of Social Sciences up to 30 days after the date of submission.
  • Requesting a Withdrawal: To request a withdrawal, the author must send an email to the journal's editor-in-chief, including the following information:
    • The manuscript's title
    • The author's name
    • The reason for the withdrawal
  • Once a manuscript has been withdrawn, it cannot be resubmitted to the journal.

The Indus Journal of Social Sciences reserves the right to refuse to withdraw a manuscript if it has already been sent out for peer review.

Here are some reasons why an author might want to withdraw their manuscript from the Indus Journal of Social Sciences:

  • The author has found a different journal that is a better fit for their manuscript.
  • The author has made significant changes to the manuscript that would require it to be resubmitted as a new manuscript.
  • The author no longer wishes to publish the manuscript.

If you have any questions about the withdrawal policy, please contact the journal's editor-in-chief.