Indus Publishers is a publisher specializing in scholarly articles and books from the fields of social sciences, humanities, language & literature, science & technology, medical sciences and more. It exists to provide quality research-based publications to its readers. Indus Publisher allows authors and academicians to share cutting-edge research works with the world. The publications are widely circulated to numerous libraries, universities and research centers globally through their large network of distributors. Their efficiency in providing publishing services make them one of the leading publishers in Pakistan. Indus Publishers is focused on empowering scholars with a platform where they can write scholarly articles without facing any kind of restrictions or guidelines.


  • Indus Journal of Science

    Indus Journal of Science is a prestigious publication which offers valuable support to scholars in the research and writing process. By promoting the highest quality scientific research, Indus Journal of Science provides an excellent platform for scholars to share their work and be recognized for their work. This journal not only offers expertise on scientific writing but also helps authors stay abreast with recent developments in their respective fields along with reliable knowledge sources such as current facts, figures and statistics. 

  • Indus Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

    Indus Journal of Medical and Health Sciences is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research, reviews, and clinical studies related to the field of medical and health sciences. The journal covers a wide range of topics including diagnostic technologies, therapeutics, pharmacology, epidemiology, public health, health systems research, medical ethics, health outcomes research and health services research. 

  • Indus journal of Bioscience Research

    Indus Journal of Bioscience Research (IJBR) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to the publication of original research in all areas of bioscience. The journal is published Biannual and provides an international forum for the dissemination of high-quality research results in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, physiology, microbiology, immunology, bioinformatics, biotechnology, and related disciplines that are relevant to the advancement of bioscience.

  • Indus Journal of Social Sciences

    Indus Journal of Social Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Indus Publishers. The journal aims to publish high quality research papers in the field of social sciences, including economics, sociology, political science, anthropology, psychology, and history. It provides a platform for researchers to share their knowledge and findings with the wider academic community. The journal is committed to promoting research and scholarship in the social sciences. Through its publications, it seeks to bridge the gap between research and practice in the area of social sciences. 

  • Indus Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences

    Indus Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences (IJAPS) is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal. It provides a platform for the publication of scholarly research in the field of animal and plant sciences. The journal publishes original research, review articles, case studies, short communications, and other types of articles related to the field. It covers topics such as biochemistry, genomics, molecular biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, anatomy and physiology, taxonomy, conservation biology, paleontology, ethology and animal behavior.